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Common Unethical Marketing Strategies

It is important to market a product or service so it will draw the attention of potential customers. There are so many ways to market these days. In addition to commercials and advertisements in local papers the internet and social media makes it possible to reach millions of people very easily and quickly. With all […]

12 Responsible And Effective Marketing Strategies

Whether you are a million dollar company or a small business owner, having a sound marketing strategy is essential for the success of your organization. The following tips will help you in coming up with a marketing strategy that acts as a foundation for all your promotional efforts. Define Your product Or service Your prime […]

How Marketing Effects Your Stakeholders

How Marketing Effects Your Stakeholders Who are the stakeholders? In any business, you have stakeholders, these are not just the people who put money into the business and expect a profit. Anyone who is affected by you business is a stakeholder. The employees of the company, are stakeholders, the owners of the company are stakeholders […]