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Towing college students is the worst, because a lot of them have never been towed before. It’s a new experience for them, and they don’t know the protocol at all. Their parents don’t live nearby either, which means that I have to teach them what to do. I ended up walking this one pair of college kids through the steps over the phone. I bet I could have walked them off a cliff and they would have believed me by the end.

I was recently activated from the Reserves, and even though I had been promoted I was feeling like I needed to shake the rust off. I was assigned to a mission overseas (something about tours and booties), and when I arrived the lieutenant colonel greeted me. I asked him if I could meet the air boss right away. He told me the air boss was great guy, and knew his stuff, which made me feel a little better. I asked what his name was, and after looking through his roster he said “Smith.” Oh no I said that’s me.

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